Fumi Tomita

Jazz bassist

Fumi Tomita is a jazz bassist, educator, and author.  He was active in the New York jazz scene for over fifteen years performing throughout the tri-state area as a sideman and leader.  Recent performance highlights include his 2019 recording, The Elephant Vanishes: Jazz Interpretations of the Short Stories of Haruki Murakami”, which was released to critical acclaim by Origin Arts records and was listed in the top ten records of 2019 by Jazziz.  His latest record Celebrating Bird: A Tribute to Charlie Parker, was a collaboration with saxophonist David Detweiler and released in September 2020 by Next Level Music. He has played his music all over the country, including most recently at the Jazz Education Network conference in New Orleans and through a short tour of Georgia, both in January 2024.

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On "Celebrating Bird": "With chops to spare, this is some solid straight ahead jazz that's a treat throughout."  ” - Review from Midwest Record, August, 15, 2020
"Masa S.K.Ratkje, Fumi Tomita interpret works of literature" from Downbeat, July 3, 2019 ” - Stephanie Jones

— https://downbeat.com/news/detail/ratkje-tomita-interpret-works-of-literature

"Unbridled Bird" - Downbeat feature from December 7, 2020” - Dave Cantor

— https://downbeat.com/news/detail/unbridled-bird

On "The Elephant Vanishes" "The band play well together as a group and because of the leader’s themes and his inspiration from the stories, there is a freshness and originality about these tracks." ” - Review from Jazz Journal, February 16, 2021